Me Vs The Droid

Ouch, that laser has a bit of a sting. After learning about Salty Droid through the Scamworld video and article, I visited his site and spent hours reading about what he's been doing I was really impressed.

I really related to what he was doing and I started this site because I was sick of seeing some of the same things I think he was seeing. I'm not trying to put myself on the same level as someone that has tried to help the families of victims of people like James Arthur Ray, or trying to slap some sense into someone on an obvious path to self-destruction.

I thought I had found a kindred spirit so I was really shocked at the reception I got when I left comments on his site. It took me by surprise that people were accusing me of being one of the scammers when I created this site to help people find ways to make money online without being scammed and without giving me money. I was to eager to express my interest and wound up doing something stupid.

Years ago people were approaching me asking me how they can do what I do online and about programs they found that promised to make them rich with very little money and very little work.  It was beyond belief that smart, educated, intelligent people actually believed that you could buy some infomercial product for $29.99 and sit back and rake in a ton of money. Nobody can promise you that. Not for $29.99, not for $299.99 and not even for $29,999.99. The people that made billions aren't going around selling ebooks on making money online.

For every big internet success story there were many people equally smart, equally talented that didn't achieve the same results even though they might have deserved to.

At the same time people were asking me this, I had my own run in with a scammer. I have blogs that are part of larger sites. On one of these sites I didn't have much to say one day and just did a quick news search and posted some thoughts about an issue that would be important to my readers.

There wasn't really much too it. A simple link to a news site about a company that had been busted for lying and cheating people that were already in a tough spot along with some of my own thoughts.

After a few weeks go by I had completely forgetten about that story but I received an email from someone who worked with the scammer trying to explain to me that it was some misunderstanding and asked me to correct my post.

At the time the site had a Google PageRank of 6 and my blog post was maybe the 2nd or 3rd link on Google when searching for the company's name. These guys were just a few miles away from me and I didn't want to give bad press to a local business if it wasn't true so I contacted the authorities that were dealing with the case and they provided me with some of the evidence they had about this company.

Had they just kept their mouths shut that would have been the end of it. Instead, my little two paragraph blurb about them turned into a page detailing what a bunch of low-life's these people really were with documents that weren't previously published online backing up my statements. Now I had two pages on the first page of Google when someone searched for the company.

They continued to try and lie to me and get me to take the story down. When they realized I wouldn't they went on some sort of geeky SEO offensive and pulled every dirty SEO trick in the book to try and get my pages pushed down. They succeeded. After a  week my pages were now on page 2.

At this point I laughed because they obviously didn't realize they were dealing with someone that understood what they were doing and if I wanted to I could do it right back at them even better. But I didn't want to sink down to their level. I didn't believe that the only way to fight against what was so obviously wrong was by doing things I also felt were wrong.

Today that company is out of business but if you do a web search for their name one of my pages still comes up on the top of Google's SERPs even though that page has a pagerank of 0 and hardly any backlinks and I didn't use any blackhat SEO tricks while they spent a considerable amount of money trying to push it down.

I know that people can make money online, even people that don't know a whole lot about computers and the internet. I don't expect these people to launch the next big IPO or be able to quit their day job.

The economy still sucks and there are people out there that could use a little extra financial help. I think I can help these people so I'm going to post some simple instructions that can help some of you who are interested in making money online. I thought it was obvious but I've learned I need to spell things out more directly and I'll do so.

This is the same line scammers use but the difference is I'm not going to charge you anything, I'm not going to ask for any of your personal information and I'm not even going to make money in the process. You won't even be ripping people off, using any dirty SEO tricks and it won't take up any significant time for most people.

Don't quit your day job, or even your second job because the chances of you making it rich online are small but if you want to learn how to make a little bit of extra money online honestly I can show you how.

This is not the same message Salty Droid has. If you look at the conversion rates some people report regarding their scam products they're really small. Over 90% of people will see a scam and not get taken in. But with such a large population being exposed to these scams that 3-5% that do winds up being a large number and some of those people wind up getting taken in and lose a lot of money they don't have, kids lose their dad, and some people die.

This is not why people created the Internet. Even though these cases are relatively small in number compared to the people that aren't falling victims to these scammers nobody should have to suffer these kinds of losses because some jackass doesn't know how to make money honestly.

With Google cleaning up the Internet I feel even more confident these days that honest people have a better chance of finding some tangible success online.

Jason preaches abstinence and some people need to take that advice. I don't think everyone will do that and as much as I hate the analogy I'm trying to do something more akin to handing out free condoms.

If you think you have the self control to not succumb to the dark side and aren't expecting to get rich overnight, or even get rich at all I'll do my best to show you how to get something out of the time you're already spending online. I'll even give the program a fancy name because you people like that crap. Stay tuned for the Stop Being Stupid Guide To Making Money Online.
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